As industry leaders, Rigit Plumbing have been providing high quality services to satisfied customers for over 12 years. Situated close to Melbourne’s CBD, we really are the plumbers Melbourne trusts.

Our experience, professional team and strong work ethics set us apart from other companies to provide you with a fast, efficient and affordable plumbing service tailored to your needs and your budget.


The experts at Rigit Plumbing have handled many plumbing projects for kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovations over the last 12 years. What’s more, we work to your schedule, not ours. We have experience in ensuring your project runs smoothly, with no unnecessary hold-ups so your renovation stays on schedule, on budget and is stress-free! Whether you’re completing the renovation yourself and need expert advice or assistance, or would like us to renovate for you, we can assist at all stages of the project – from configuration and design, to demolition of existing bathrooms and completely re-building the bathroom of your dreams – we have all the qualified trades people you need.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your plumbing renovation needs and in addition to a fast, efficient and affordable service, we can provide some great advice along with an obligation free quote.

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What services do we offer?

As one of the leading plumbers in Melbourne, we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients a full range of services, including:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Gas plumbing
  • Gas appliance installation
  • Hot water repairs
  • Blocked drains
  • Heating and cooling related plumbing
  • Roof plumbing
  • Commercial projects
  • Renovation and redesign projects

We are available to service all areas of inner and metropolitan Melbourne, including the eastern and northern suburbs. We are also able to assist those in the suburbs, including Box Hill, Surrey Hills, Camberwell, Blackburn and surrounds. For more information regarding our services, call Rigit Plumbing on Call us: 0417 058 204 for fast, efficient, affordable services and an obligation free quote.

We can help with your renovation project

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Melbourne we are one of the leading industry experts! In fact, our plumbers have been creating beautiful new bathrooms for over 12 years.

We are flexible in our approach, whether you’re completing the renovation yourself and simply need expert assistance, or require the professional services necessary to renovate an entire bathroom. From the initial configuration and design, to demolition and creation of a brand new bathroom, you can rely on Rigit Plumbing.



We offer a convenient, hassle free service!

At Rigit Plumbing, we’ll ensure your bathroom renovation will be a smooth and stress free process with minimal disruption to you and your family during the renovation process. We’ll also keep the noise to a minimum, dispose of all waste and maintain a clean and tidy work area at all times.

We work with a team of fully qualified, licensed and insured tradespeople to ensure each aspect of your bathroom renovation is carried out with expert skills. Depending on the job, the tradespeople involved may include electricians, tilers and plasterers who are each an expert in their own trade. Each of the tradespeople involved with our renovations are hand chosen by us, ensuring they are professional and arrive on time when they are required to complete your project.

Our extensive experience in bathroom renovations and our flexible approach allow us to provide our clients with an affordable service.

We’d love to talk to you about your bathroom renovation ideas, and offer an obligation free quote. We’ll even provide some great advice and tips along the way!


Need an emergency plumber in Melbourne?

We are here to help you with your plumbing emergency 24/7!

We are speedy, reliable and affordable, and we are open 24 hours!

Our plumbers fix clogged drains, blocked toilets and leaking pipes and attend to other plumbing issues when you need urgent assistance. If you have a plumbing emergency on your hands, contact Rigit Plumbing today.


As experienced Melbourne gas fitters, our gas plumbers not only fit all gas units in homes, but can also assist with any gas related needs.

Please contact us immediately if you believe you have a gas leak, to avoid any unnecessary stress and a potentially serious and dangerous outcome.

Our experienced plumbers can act fast to perform a series of tests with specialised gas detection equipment. If a leak is detected, we can act quickly to protect and repair the fault in a manner that is both safe and secure for you and your family.


We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and affordable service to commercial and residential clients, and real estate property managers looking for a commercial plumber they can trust and rely on.

Along with our strong team work ethic, we are solution-focused and strive every day to be the best at what we do for our customers! In our business, referrals are tantamount and our reputation as reputable, reliable and quality operators is absolutely critical.

We would welcome the opportunity to present ourselves and discuss your requirements with you.

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